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WHY Turkey?

Diverse Locations in Close Proximity

Natural wonders like Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Salt Flats and Beautiful Coasts

Unique Geographical Position: Possibility to Reach From Anywhere in Europe, West Asia and Northern Africa with direct Flight Times Less than 4 Hours.

4 Seasons Throughout the year, Alternate Seasons within the country at the same time.

Politically Stable, Culturally attractive with its history, Art and Cuisine.

Reliable gear houses with the latest Cameras & Lighting & Grip as well as Studio Facilities

Easy and Fast Permitting

Casting: Ethnically Diverse and Experienced Talent

Logistics: Vast highway network and airports in 75 cities minimize travel times for crew and equipment.



We guide you through the planning stages of your production and offer the most cost and time effective ways to make your ideas come true.


We take charge of the filming permits and location agreements in order to secure your locations. We also guide you and your crew through the process of obtaining shoot visas in Turkey. We apply Ministry of Culture and Tourism for the foreigners’ filming permit on your behalf and facilitate the visa process thereafter.


As a result of highly competitive and well-developed film sector, competent, trained-on-field crew and a strong production infrastructure exists in Turkey. They have been working with the most-demanding directors/producers from all around the world for the past 20 years. Due to our strong and long-standing relations in the market, we assure offering you the most talented crewmembers. Most of our key crew members have good command of English and they are dedicated to secure quality in all aspects of production.


Since hospitality is one of our main defining traits, our team personally takes charge of making sure that you and your crew sleep comfortably knowing that you've got the best deal and the most comfortable beds.


We take your project seriously from the start. We get involved in your location scouting early on and advise you about the best location matches for your script. If there are locations in your script which you were planning in other countries, please let us know about them. The chances are that we may surprise you with our proposals and help you save further.


We have surprisingly wide selection of equipment available in Turkey. We confidently claim that you won’t be needing to bring in any extra equipment from abroad. And yes, we have the telescopic crane and Russian arm too.


Our location is our main forte. Its possible to reach Turkey from anywhere in Europe, West Asia and Northern Africa with direct flight times less than 4 Hours. Once in Turkey, vast highway network and airports in 75 cities minimize travel times for crew and equipment, thereby saving from time and cost.


Due to its geographical position, Turkey is ideal for shooting all year long. The diversity of the climate and the landscape offer the possibility of enjoying all four seasons during the same period within the country. You can shoot a sunny beach and a ski resort with abundant levels of snow in the same week by travelling less than 2 hours.

AdGreen and Sustainable Production

We as FPS support the effort to eliminate negative environmental impacts of production. We try and implement ways to minimize our carbon footprint and ensure sustainability in our sets. We are currently going through the certification process and will soon be proudly green certified.


Our Talent Faces will Surprise you, Guaranteed! Land of Turkey has been, since the ancient times, a place that is extensively inhabited. Its population has been reshaped by several surges of migration waves and hosted diverse civilizations. None perished entirely without leaving a trace or hallmark after it. Due to this remarkable fact, it enjoys an extraordinarily rich ethnic/religious/cultural inheritance that is widely expressed at diversity of its people. All through the history, people from many different nationalities have settled in Turkey, which gives the country an international and cosmopolitan characteristic and makes it easy finding a vibrant mix for a cast.